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We are a group of professional involved in the hospitality and food around the globe. We can create a business project from scratch or we can create different plans for your restaurant. If you think the direction of your business is taking wrong , we can help by educating your staff in the F&B Departments, creating new menus, renovate your kitchen or all your staff. Also we can help you to open your own restaurant or a restaurant chain. 

We employ the best professionals for every needs, we work with you hand in hand to turn a dream into a success business project.

new employees

If you are looking for staff for your restaurant or hotel, we will be happy to offer you the best professionals in the field.


What are our search criteria?


- first of all we search within our network and the circle of our professional knowledge, identifying profiles of operators with whom we already have a solid professional experience. This allows us to be precise and sure of the professional technical skills closest to needs in our target market.


Outside our network:



We select the best profiles according to the following characteristics:


- Solid experience of at least 5 years in equal-level structures, in accordance with the structure for which we make the selection

- Formal cognitive interview; first candidate screeneng: sharing future goals, professional expectations, personal growth.


- Second interview:

Identification of the strengths by evaluating the structures where the candidate has served.

Request for photo books.

Request if there have been participations in openings of similar structures.

Identification of any schools attended and certificates received.

Formal request of at least 3 references with which the candidate has shared the achievement of tangible personal goals.

Third interview:

Elaboration of the economic offer according to the  following parameters

1)cost of  living in the area of the request


3)future improvements

4)apport in the company

5)currently status of the candidate 

6)company budget

Agreement on a cognitive meeting in person to complete the picture of character and professional considerations with a focus on organizational skills, technical and professional through a few days of work spent in the structure.


If the result has been satisfactory, a special report is prepared with all the considerations gathered before the confirmation of the assignment.

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we are based in Italy and Spain an we operate Globally

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